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WRIR circular_08Our Mission: WRIR-LP 97.3 FM is a public radio station but in a different sense than most stations in the Richmond, Virginia area. WRIR is (1) managed entirely by volunteers, (2) the majority of programs airing on WRIR are produced in our studio by our volunteers, (3) the content of our programs focus on the Richmond area, (4) the station, by charter, will always be locally-operated. WRIR’s mission is to air underrepresented music, news, and views in order to provide a platform for cultural diversity in Richmond. WRIR serves the geographical area of metropolitan Richmond. It is estimated that the station’s 100-watt signal range is seven miles, reaching a potential listening audience of 300,000, with the majority of its listeners in the city’s urban core. The fact that the station is streamed on the Internet, however, makes WRIR’s broadcasts available to a worldwide audience, and the station notes active listeners in Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia.


Location: Richmond, VA