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What happens to your Car after it is donated?  This is surely a question we are asked often.  In most cases, the car donation is sent to an auction company where car dealers bid on it. We watch the bids carefully to make sure our car donations are receiving the highest possible bid they can from buyers at the auction.

Tax Receipt

Once the car donation is sold, the car dealer who purchased it takes possession of it, and the auction company sends Center for Car Donations the proceeds check. Center for Car Donations then sends the donor a thank you letter and tax receipt (form 1098 B&C). At the same time, we send a proceeds check to the non-profit the car donor selected.

Dealer Auto Auction

In some cases, however, if the vehicle is in very poor condition, we may sell the car directly to a scrap dealer so that we can keep our costs down and maximize the return.  Because Center for Car Donations is a licensed car dealer, we may also choose to sell the vehicle to the public.  However, this is more the exception than the rule. In any case, we work very hard to make sure we get the most we can for the car donation.

Public Broadcasting

Center for Car Donations has a variety of wonderful non-profits to choose from, including organizations that help kids, animals, veterans, public broadcasting, battered women, the environment, seniors, cancer patients, education, and hundreds of more non-profits that all provide a great service to their community. These non-profits count on car donations to help augment their own fundraising. For a complete list of non-profits, please visit If you have been thinking about donating your vehicle, please go to to read more about our program. Every donation makes a difference in someone’s life. You can also donate online or call 877-411-3662.

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