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Maybe you know a veteran who has recently come home from war injured, maybe you don’t. Maybe you’d just like to be able to say thanks to our troops for all they do.  Well, donating your unused or unwanted vehicle can provide both the thanks and the help they not only need, but deserve.

The Warrior Foundation is an organization that provides that much-needed aid to our injured heroes returning home, assisting in their recovery and promoting a better quality of life for them and their families.

They do this in a number of ways, but in particular through the Freedom Station.  The Freedom Station concentrates on four main groups of warriors:  the seriously injured just coming home from war; those suffering from PTSD and/or major brain traumas; those undergoing physical or occupational therapy; and those who are medically retired.

As you can imagine, the numerous needs of these injured warriors can seem insurmountable as they have to now face a life unfamiliar to them — no longer military life, but not the civilian life they once knew.  The stress and strain of that alone is daunting, but adding the burdensome costs of these newly needed services and supplies can be overwhelming for them.

The Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station is there to provide the tools for these servicemen and women, helping them emotionally through the acclimation period from military to civilian life, educational and vocational counseling, and even interim housing during this initial period.

The results of the recipients that have gone through the program prove that the support received from the Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station makes for self-sufficient, productive and contributing members of society.

Programs like these are what give hope and life to so many that sacrificed to serve our country. But programs like these require ongoing funding to continue providing the necessary help these heroes require to pick up their life outside the military.

That’s where your donation comes in.  It’s simple to do: call Center for Car Donations at 877.411.3662, and get your wheels rolling in their direction; they’ll do the rest to ensure your donation gets in the right hands.