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Some Questions When Donating Your Vehicle

Does my vehicle have to be running?

No.  As long as it has 4 wheels, an engine, and a transmission, we will take it.


My car is literally a piece of junk, is it worth donating?

Any donation is better than none.  Although your car is not worth much to you, every dollar it brings in is a dollar that goes towards a great cause.


Is Center for Car Donations a charity?

We are not an actual charity, but we work for over 200 non-profits to take their car donations.  We take pride in our jobs and love that we can help so many non-profits earn money for their cause.


Can I donate other items besides cars?

We usually only process vehicle donations; however, we have taken scooters, motorcycles, ride-on lawn mowers, some trailers, some RVs, and some boats.  Larger tow items are taken on a case-by-case basis and a few extra are required in order for us to accept them.

What are the stipulations for large vehicle donations besides cars?

We treat big donations like RVs and boats a bit differently.  Because it requires a large tow fee, we need to assess the vehicle’s worth before we accept it.  If we feel like the donation will bring in less than the tow fee, we do not accept it.  As far as boats are concerned, you have to have a trailer and its title in order for us to accept donate the boat, as well.  One way you can ensure that we will accept your large donation, is by having you drop it off at the auction yourself.  Keep in mind, the charity is not where cars are taken.  Each car donation is sent to a different auction depending on its initial assessment of worth.

Boat DonationRV Donation

Is my car donation tax deductible?



How much can I claim for my vehicle on my taxes?

The car is sold as is, at auction.  You cannot claim Kelly Blue Book value, but you are able to claim the value of what the car sells for.  If it sells for less than $500 then you can claim up to $500; meaning the least you can claim is $500 for a donation.  If the car sells for over $500, you can claim the full amount of what the vehicle is sold for.  When the car sells for over $500 you get a specific letter that will tell you how much it sold for and it will inform you on how to receive a 1098 for tax purposes.


When do I get my tax receipt?

We cannot send you a tax receipt until the car has been sold and the payment has been processed.  It usually takes 4-6 weeks after the vehicle is picked up to receive your receipt.  If your car sells for more than $500, we will be asking for more information in the letter so we can issue you a 1098.  We send out 1098s at the end of December.  If you do not receive yours by the middle of January, please contact us.

Please visit our F.A.Q. Page to find answers to more commonly asked questions.  You can also simply call Center for Car Donations at 1-877-411-3662.