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Snow Mobile Donations to KIXE

Cool News: KIXE Receives Snow Mobile Donations!

This week, Center for Car donations received two snow mobile donations! These two cool Arctic Cats on a trailer were donated by a gentleman who really wanted to help his local public TV/radio station in Northern California.  This donor really went above and beyond our expectations.  The auction company was over 300 miles from his remote location, which can make a donation less profitable than it otherwise would be due to towing fees.  After hearing about an opportunity to make snow mobile donations stretch farther, he loaded the ‘cats up, made the six hour drive, and dropped them off at the auction in Sacramento.  Then he drove home!  What dedication to this station!  We are impressed, and we hope they will bring in a nice chunk of change to help this much loved station.


Snow mobile donations, as well as jetski donations, make great donations to your favorite non-profit.  For many people, they take up space in their garage when not being used. If a snowmobile or jet ski is on a trailer, then Center for Car Donations can usually take them and turn them into cash for your favorite charity. If you have a jet ski or snow mobile to donate, please contact us, and we will send you the appropriate form for us to determine whether we can accept the vehicle.  We request photos of these vehicles so we can determine what condition they are in and what towing equipment we will need in order to retrieve them for auction. Once we determine that we can accept this donation, we will send out a tow truck driver to pick up your donation. You will be given an initial tow receipt when they are picked up from our reputable contracted driver.  When the donation sells, you will receive the proper tax receipt, including a 1098 B&C on vehicles sold for over $500.


Don’t leave your old jet ski or snowmobile out in the cold: donate it to your favorite nonprofit and make room in your garage for another new project!

Snow Mobile Donations