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Friends of the Summit-Rock & Recovery

Rock & Recovery is an online and HD radio listening experience produced by WAPS-FM in Akron, Ohio. Our goal is to empower and entertain those suffering from addiction while enhancing their self-motivation and personal nourishment.

Rock & Recovery mixes inspiring stories and messages of strength, and hope, from professional health-care providers, addicts, comedians and family members. These powerful stories and meaningful messages are carefully woven in between hand-picked music. This music is uplifting without being preachy, spiritual without religion and familiar to a wide audience. Rock & Recovery is not associated with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution.

The primary mission is to provide entertaining and meaningful music with positive messaging, mixing individual testimonials with humor, to those addicted to alcohol or other substances as well as to their families and loved ones.

Rock & Recovery achieves success by becoming an additional aid, even an integral part, of the health-care professionals’ and addictive specialists’ recovery strategy in this exciting new era of public media.

Location: Akron, OH