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Remember When They Cared For Us? Donate Your Car, And Care For Them…

So, what are you going to do with that old car sitting in front of your house? It doesn’t run well, it’s a gas-guzzler, and neighbors are starting to complain. Sounds like the perfect time to donate your vehicle!

There are so many wonderful charities out there just waiting for your car donation to help them keep doing what they do… help others! LASHA is one in particular that takes care of the aging population that once took care of us. What a great way to give back and pay it forward!

Located in Calabasas, California, LASHA focuses on providing a loving environment for an ever-growing population of seniors who find themselves short on funds and/or the ability to care for themselves.

Oftentimes, this proud group of people are not willing to give up their sense of independence. They want to continue to live by themselves in their own home. LASHA’s Liaison program allows these seniors to maintain their dignity by bringing the outside help they need inside to them.

Or, sometimes simply a social visit by the Liaison is just what the doctor ordered, giving these individuals the person-to-person interaction so necessary to feeling cared about and part of the community.

LASHA knows the importance of quality care and concern for all people, but especially those who were once so vibrant and productive in life.

And, with young families putting all their efforts in the day-to-day business of raising children, going to work, and managing a household, our elderly don’t always get the attention they need.

That’s where LASHA’s programs step in and fills the gap, offering companionship and support in a loving and meaningful way.

And you can assure LASHA is able to continue doing this by your donation, making their efforts sustainable.

Where do you begin? Call Center For Car Donations at (877) 411.3662 and speak with our friendly staff, or find us online at Either way, we are happy to walk you through the easy process of donating your car. It’s just 3 simple steps, and you will be so glad you did!