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We want you to be well informed when it comes to obtaining a tax write off for donating a car to Center of Car Donations in the name of a charity of your choice. For every car that is donated where the value of the vehicle is over $500, the taxpayer is limited to deduct the amount for which the vehicle sold. If this happens to your donated car, you will receive a car donation form from the IRS called Form 1098 C (Copy B) after 30 days of sale date. A social security number is required to obtain the form. If the vehicle sells for under $500 you will not receive IRS forms as you are not required to file them. If your car sells for over $500, you will receive an acknowledgement of sale as required by the IRS.


You may qualify for a car donation tax break if you donate a used or retired motor vehicle to our facility. We provide the car donation form and notify you once your donation has been sold. When your car or motor vehicle has been sold at an auction or sold for scrap metal, we will notify you and will send you a form from the IRS with information for you to fill out and file for a car donation tax break.


We have a list of car donation tax forms on our website, which are Form 1098C, Form 1098C Instructions, and A Donor’s Guide to Vehicle Donations/Form 4303. These tax write off forms are available on our website and you may view them by clicking here.


For any further questions, please consult your tax adviser to determine your tax credit or write off benefit for donating your car. For additional information, click here:

If you have questions or concerns about your specific donation, please call our office at: 541-647-5744 or email us at