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Donating your old, used or unregistered car is a big decision. In a world that revolves around motor vehicles to get from place to place, what better way to help charities move forward than to donate your car. Based in Bend, Oregon, just a few hours drive south of Portland, East of Eugene, you can donate your car to any of our listed non-profit charities of your choice.  Car donations in Oregon are applicable for tax benefits as well as other wonderful reasons to donate your car.



The Center for Car Donations Difference
We are your number one choice when it comes to car donations in Oregon. We take the time to ensure that the donation process goes as smoothly as possible and help you along with each step of the process.
• When you donate your car to us, you know that your car’s remaining value is going towards a good cause.
• The condition of your car when you donate it to us doesn’t matter.
• We accept all cars donated to us as long as they meet a few of our requirements.
• If a car that has been donated to us doesn’t sell at an auction, we take it to a scrap metal facility.
• Cars are usually sold within sixty days of their arrival.

How to Donate a Car in Bend, OR

If It Has a Motor We Accept ItOR-pic1

If you own or operate a motor vehicle that is not a car, we also accept these vehicles as donations. This includes boats on a trailer, motor homes, trucks, operational motorcycles, farm equipment, and recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, jet skis, etc. We cannot guarantee that all of these motor vehicles can be accepted as a donation and must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.OR-pic2

When your car runs down or requires an expensive repair, instead of keeping it around, donate it to one of our nonprofit facilities in Oregon. You get to help a charity of your choice while at the same time getting it off your hands! We will even coordinate a time to come by and pick up your car for you. If you own a car and want to donate it, and you reside in the Portland, Eugene, Salem, or Bend area, contact one of our representatives and get started today


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