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Hot cars can mean cool cash for charities: Donate your overheating car!

Some like it hot, but we’re guessing an overheating car is not as glamorous as Marilyn Monroe!


With the summer heat, older cars may overheat. Fixing an overheating car can be like searching for a needle in a haystack (or sometimes a needle sized hole), and they can get expensive. A great option for an overheating car is to donate it to your favorite nonprofit or charity. Many nonprofits can turn a hot car into cool cash for their program. Your car does not have to be running, and it can be picked up from your local repair shops. In general, donations must have 4 wheels, an engine and a transmission – and that’s it! If you have a car to donate, call (877) 411-3662 to arrange an appointment.


This overheating car is too hot to handle