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KPTZ is a community-driven radio service that is educational, entertaining, informative and relevant. KPTZ will positively contribute to the quality of life in the communities it serves

OUR VISION is to develop an independent, sustainable, award winning station housed in a large permanent studio, with several transmitter sites and an emergency off-site facility. We will have an expansive geographic coverage and utilize current technology to support our listener needs. Our station will make accurate and timely announcements in the event of an emergency be an integral and respected partner in the Jefferson County emergency management system. Our programs will engage, enhance and inspire our listeners with diverse music, live arts, community news, remote broadcasts, educational segments and award-winning talk shows. Through our community outreach, our station will be a central listening post, a caring place where our listeners can come together to learn and discover the heart of the community that makes the Northeast Olympic Peninsula such a remarkable place to live.

Location: Port Townsend, WA
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