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keetKEET provides quality programming and services to our community using PBS programming and community outreach efforts.

The station has had a very proud history of being an important part of life here on California’s North Coast for more than 40 years. When I joined the KEET staff in 1999, it took me very little time to find out how much the citizens of the North Coast value the role that KEET has played in the area communities.

Exceptional programming and community outreach projects are at the heart of this public television station’s mission “to inform and inspire.” PBS has long been known for its quality children’s programming, documentaries, dramas and its news and public affairs programs. I hear over and over again how our programs have reached out and made a difference in our viewers’ lives. Undoubtedly, your public television station has positively impacted life on the North Coast in many ways.

Location: Eureka, CA

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