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Known as the “Gemstone state,” because a vast variety of gemstones have been found there, Idaho is a vast mountainous state that borders Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Washington and Oregon. It is an environmentalist’s dream and a recreational playground.

But Idahoans aren’t all fun and play; they also have a giving and generous side. They express that spirit by helping local nonprofits.  One way they help nonprofits is by donating their unwanted cars, boats and RV’s to their favorite nonprofits.



How do I donate my car in Idaho?

Donating your car in Idaho is easier than you think. It takes just 5 minutes.

Here are the steps to donating your car:

Locate your title.

Decide what nonprofit you want to support by clicking here

Call the toll free number 877-411-3662 to find out if your car qualifies.

Give the car donation specialist the following information;

Year, make model

Vehicle condition

Title information, VIN and Title number

Vehicle location

A tow company will call you within 24 to 48 hours to schedule a convenient appointment to pick up your car at your home, office or repair shop.

You will receive an initial tow receipt, and a tax receipt will arrive six-eight weeks later.

See it really is that easy.

Why donate through Center for Car Donations?

Center for Car Donations has been processing vehicle donations for over 10 years. We represent over 250 worthy nonprofits nationwide. They are smaller nonprofits that really need your help. We are licensed, bonded and insured to take your donations and we work harder than any other company to maximize the sale of your generous car donation.

Charities to support in Idaho

You can support KIYE-FM 88.7 whose mission is to provide for locally originated, noncommercial FM broadcast across the Nez Perce Reservation. Or select from national charities that help the environment, or help wounded returning soldiers, children, animals and more. Click here to see our list of nonprofits.


Call our toll free number at 877-411-3662 to get started or click here to donate online.