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Your Guide to Responsible Vehicle Donations

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If you have a vehicle that you aren’t using anymore, you have some options as to how you can lighten your load. Of course you could sell your vehicle, but that can take time out of your busy schedule and money to advertise. We at the Center for Car Donations strongly believe that donating your vehicle is the right way to go. Donating your vehicle helps your charity of choice, it gives you a tax write-off, and the right donation program gives you peace of mind knowing that all it took you was a phone call.

The key to the whole process is finding a responsible company to handle the donation.  We present to you a guide to responsible vehicle donations.

According to a 2005 Government Accountability Office report,

“Of the 45 charities we contacted during our review that reported using third-party agents, 20 said third parties were paid a percentage of net proceeds for their vehicle donation services, many splitting the net proceeds 50/50.”

At the Center for Car Donations, we truly fight for every dollar and our charities always get more than 50%. We feel passionately about small charities in particular, and we realize that an extra $50 might make the difference between several hungry families eating at a food pantry per week or provide food for horses at Oregon’s Equine Outreach for another month. $50 might not seem like much for a large charity, but the heart and soul of our business – small charities – tangibly benefits from some extra work on our part. Because every vehicle matters so much, our team-centered approach facilitates getting the most bang out of your buck.


According to, in a 2004 Senate Finance Committee meeting, witnesses described less than reputable methods some vehicle donation companies employed for selfish gains:

“In a practice the witness described as “fixing cars,” some middlemen purposely disable cars, by simple techniques such as pulling a fuse or turning the distributor cap, so that they can be purchased for very little at auctions or used car lots and then resold for what the car was originally worth.”

At the Center for Car Donations, we do things a little differently. Your vehicle is sold at an “arm’s length transaction” through an auction. We do everything we can to make sure your vehicle is sold for as much as possible. In a recent vehicle donation, Office Manager, Tom Bidot, was confronted with a non-working car that the donor assured us was working. Tom did a little leg work and found out that the ignition fuse was blown and needed be replaced. The vehicle was able to be sold as a running, near mint condition vehicle and provided valuable funds for the donor’s charity of choice.

At the Center for Car Donations, charities are our passion and the reason we are in this business. Unlike other vehicle donation processors, our small staff knows what is happening with each vehicle, and we are all dedicated to collecting every dollar we can for the charity. We look forward to handling your car donations some day soon.