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Count your Blessings and Help The Homeless Count Theirs

Center for Car Donations is indeed proud to accept donated vehicles for organizations that make a difference in the world. One car really can change a life.

Ever think about how blessed you are? That you have a home to live in, food to feed your family, warm clothing when it’s cold outside? Imagine what your world would be like if you didn’t have these things and were living on the streets.

There are those who are not as fortunate as you are, but they are very lucky to have the Bethlehem Inn. The Bethlehem Inn provides an emergency safe haven for men, women and families struggling to survive without a home of their own.

Located in Bend, Oregon, the Bethlehem Inn opened its doors in 1999, originally as a wintertime-only shelter. Without their own facility to operate out of, they utilized a different local church each winter weekend, to make certain no one was left out in the cold without the basic human needs.

The Bethlehem Inn now makes available their shelter and services to over 1,000 adults and children in crisis and desperate need.

Imaging preparing and serving over 66,000 meals! That’s what the Bethlehem Inn currently provides every year as well as offering training for various job skills, case management assistance, and easy access to transportation for their residents.

They also offer a Work Experience Program within their organization, giving hands-on training to their residents. This experience comes from working in the clothing donations center, doing light cleaning and maintenance, gardening, working in the kitchen and pantry, and the recycling section. This gives them not only a sense of giving back, but a sense of pride and competence to take with them when they go out on their own.

How can you help? Call Center For Car Donations at (877) 411.3662 or go online to and donate your unwanted or no-longer-needed vehicle. All you need is your vehicle’s title and VIN, and the desire to help those less fortunate than you. Doesn’t that feel good? It’s just 3 simple steps!