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Christmas Lights Up The End of The Year

Christmas Lights Brighten Up The Season… And Bring in Vehicle Donations

How did December come up on us so quickly?  It seems like yesterday that we were out camping and enjoying the summer sunshine.  But it really is true: people are putting up their Christmas lights, and a variety of trees are hitching a ride on the top of “sleighs” all across the country.  WIth Christmas comes the New Year… and the end of the year.  Do you have a clunker sitting in your yard or a car you don’t need anymore?  Make the “season of giving” work for you by donating your car or other vehicle to your favorite non-profit!

That’s right, folks; it’s that time again!  ‘Tis the season for giving – and tax deductions.   We are expecting a 30% increase in donations in December!  Our staff is ready to answer your calls and questions. We are closed on Christmas Day, but we are here to help on New Year’s Eve – ready and raring to go!

As long as donors call in on or before December 31st, donors get a tax deduction for their 2014 taxes, even if it doesn’t sell until 2015!

In the meantime, check out some of these pretty sweet Christmas Lights and other decorated vehicles.

Santa drawn in dirt on back of car VW Bug With Christmas Lights Concret Truck with Christmas Lights Suspended VW Bug with Reindeer Antique Car With Christmas Lights Tank With Christmas Lights Futuristic Car with Christmas Lights Semi with Christmas Lights Overly Truck with Christmas Lights Antique Car With Christmas Lights Station Wagon with Giant Tree on Top