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If you’re in the California Region and are interested in donating your car, there are a few reputable sources you can turn to with such a generous act. With so many options, your real decision is what you want your outcome to be once the vehicle leaves your hands.



Donating to Help a Charity
 We have many organizations listed on our website that are charities that you may feel connected to. We have more than 18 years of experience handling vehicle donations for non-profits and have proven experience in getting more for your donation for your charity.

Donate your car in San Francisco!


Tax Write Off

If you want to use this donation as a tax write off, you’ll need to make sure the organization receiving your donation is a non-profit and you can check to see which ones the IRS approves. You’ll receive a receipt from the charity for this tax deduction. So if you have questions you’ll need to communicate with them to make sure you have all the paperwork.



Giving to Those in Need of a CarCA-pic1

Although cities like San Diego, San Francisco and Oakland have great public transportation, vehicles are in high demand – most of the residents commute using cars. Keeping this in mind, if you want your car to go into the hands of someone that needs it donating is a great option. While this sounds simple in theory, you’ll need to let the Department of Motor Vehicles of California know and file a Release of Liability. This document releases you from any liability that may arise after your vehicle is donated. Center for Car Donations has specialists that help you process all your paperwork.

When it comes to donating, doing a bit of research can go a long way. Center for Car Donations can help you along the way. We offer resources that can help you make your decisions and we have connections with every type of charity under the sun

Donating a car in San Diego is easy!

Donating your unwanted car in Escondido is so easy!