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Car Donation Story: Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door for hay

Do you think your vehicle is not fit for donation?  Here’s a car donation story that might make you change your mind.

Her name was Jolene, and from the moment I brought her home, she was knocking on heaven’s door. She was a 1993 GMC Jimmy with a blown head gasket, and she was all I could afford with my part-time job. Three months after I brought Jolene home, she died quietly in my parking lot: the key turned, but nothing happened. I couldn’t afford to have her fixed (it wouldn’t have made financial sense anyway), and I couldn’t afford to have her towed. Jolene sat in my driveway for three years, an eyesore and an embarrassment.

I almost didn’t even see Jolene in my driveway anymore when my friend, Tom, suggested I donate her.

“Donate?” I asked incredulously. “I can’t even turn her on!”

Tom smiled, and then he told me he worked for the Center for Car Donations, located right here in Bend.

“They’ll come and get it for free, take care of all the paper work, and get her out of here.”

I wondered what would become of her; maybe she was only fit for the crusher, and I was pretty sure it would be a waste of time and money for both of us. My friend explained to me that a charity of my choice would receive the proceeds, and I would receive a tax credit.

“Okay,” I said nervously. “I’m in.”

I was not expecting it to be as smooth and seamless a process as Tom said it would be, but I was proved wrong when I came out one morning to a tow truck getting ready to hook up Jolene and take her away. Within minutes, my embarrassment turned to joy as I saw her tail gate disappear around the corner. I was finally free! I was, however, still expecting the other shoe to drop: no one was going to purchase this hunk of junk, and I was sure that I was going to end up with a bill for towing.

A month later, the envelope came. I opened it nervously, expecting a bill that would cost me more than the truck had in the first place. It was not a bill. Instead, I found that The Center for Car Donations had sold my truck, the Equine Outreach program was receiving the proceeds, and I had a tax credit form in hand. It was all done, and it was just as easy as Tom assured me it would be. Not only did I rid myself of an eyesore, I was able to donate to a charity that I personally believe in, and I was able to get a credit on my taxes.  Now you know my car donation story; I hope it helps you!

This car donation story benefited Equine Outreach. Image of horse with text help save this life. don't let this majestic creature go hungry. now accepting donations and hay. Equine Outreach horse rescue.