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Looking for a really good reason to donate your vehicle? Center For Car Donations can give you a number of them, and they are all about children.


April is National Child Abuse Month, and what greater way to show you care and lend a helping hand than by donating your car to help support these innocent little ones.

Center For Car Donations has many organizations to choose from that will put the proceeds from your donated vehicle to much-needed use.

One of those places is Laura’s House. They have been providing a safe haven for women and children seeking shelter from domestic violence since 1994.

They make available a variety of services that include a crisis hotline; children’s programs that offer therapeutic preschool, Kid’s Club, and a therapeutic after-school programs; legal services; a transitional program; as well as counseling, education and domestic violence information.

There are also numerous non-profit CASA organizations nationwide, advocates for abused and neglected children. There are 930 independent programs throughout the United States helping and supporting these who are least able to help themselves.

CASA’s seek out safe and nurturing homes in which these children can start the healing process. They are present and accounted for when it comes to their educational, healthcare and other urgent needs.

Or, you may already have a special place in mind. Whatever organization you feel most drawn to, know that donating your unused or unwanted vehicle is desperately needed and greatly appreciated by these children. It is the perfect time to step up and make a difference in someone’s life.

The process is a simple one, and it won’t take long. Call Center For Car Donations at (877) 411.3662, or on the web at, and get your wheels rolling in their direction.  You pick the charity of your choice, and in three easy steps, you eliminate your problem while helping to solve someone else’s. Doesn’t that feel good?