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Boat, RV, and Large Tow Donations

Boats and RVs are different than normal vehicles (cars, trucks, vans). These vehicles can be more expensive to tow and we need to make sure the charity can recover the towing fees. If you have the availability to bring the Boat/RV to the auction directly, it would help the charity save money from the tow fees and inevitably make a larger donation to your local charity. Our ability to accept Boat/RV donations is based off the ability to recoup any tow truck and auction fees with the sale of your donation.  Keep in mind: if you are able to drop off your donation, it will provide the charity with a much greater donation as most Boat/RVs are around $500 or more to tow.

Please fill out the form below to the best of your knowledge, and provide as many recent pictures, both inside and out, of the Boat/RV and email them back to us at

Boat or RV Donation