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Donating a car, boat or motorhome in Las Vegas, Nevada has just gotten easier. Center for Car Donations is pleased to announce that we have partnered with  KRYS’s Rescue Center, in Las Vegas to begin handling the vehicle donations effective immediately.kryss

Krys’s Rescue Center is a non-profit organization animal rescue for the well-being of abandoned and neglected dogs and puppies in Las Vegas, NV. They provide care for abandoned dogs and puppies that have been dumped on the side of the road and left to die, or left in a kill shelter, and as well as many strays that aren’t reclaimed by their owners. Their goal is to help as many dogs and puppies as they are able. Veterinarians give these rescued pets a thorough exam and provide vaccinations and are micro-chipped. Any and all medical needs of the animal are attended to. All donations go directly to the care of the animals and to re-homing them. The personalities of the dogs and puppies are evaluated so they can be matched with the best as possible new owners and provided with safe and loving homes. Krys’s Rescue Center depends on donations to survive. A great way to help re-home an unwanted pet is with to donate an unwanted vehicle in Las Vegas. Center for Car Donations makes the process very quick and easy for you. It just takes 10 minutes. Call our toll-free hotline and speak with our representative who will walk you through the process. Have you title in hand as we will need information from your title in order to process the donation. We will make an arrangement to pick up your donated car from your home, office or repair shop. You simply give the driver your signed title, they will provide you with a receipt and when the car sells, we will send you a tax receipt, or if it sells for over $500, a form 1098 C which allows you to claim the full value for which it sells.

The Las Vegas lifestyle can be busy and hectic, but your pets are always there to greet you and give you comfort and companionship when you need it. Donating your car in Las Vegas to KRYS’s Rescue Center is a great way to honor your pets and get a tax receipt for our donations. You will save the life of a pet and you can feel good that you helped a dog and a new owner find each other.  Call Center for Car Donations if you would like to donate your car in Las Vegas to KRYS’s Rescue Center or if you have any questions. Or you can go online to and donate online 24 hours a day.  Check out the Center For Car Donations video to see how easy it is.