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  • Creatively Coping With Cancer

    If you would like to donate your car to support an organization that helps cancer patients, Center for Car Donations has just the place.

    The Cancer Coping Center is the kind of place families turn to for emotional support and creative coping strategies while the medical team focuses on treating the cancer patient.

    In 2005, Cancer Coping Center was the conception of Dr. Maryam Davodi-Far, as the result of a family situation she and her husband found themselves in the middle of: her mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer.

    Dr. Maryam quickly realized that medical help was abundant for her mother-in-law, but there didn’t seem to be any outlet to help the families deal with the stress and anxiety of sitting in numerous waiting rooms while their loved one was being treated.

    And their journey to creating the Cancer Coping Center in San Diego, California, began.

    One of the affiliates of Cancer Coping Center is Camp Kesem, a free summer camp for kids ages 6-13 whose family life has been gravely affected by a parent’s cancer. Their objective is to boost self-esteem and build friendships with children experiencing the same situation at home.

    Camp Kesem is a special place that gives these all-too-often overlooked children a sense of normalcy and a feeling of belonging. They provide a place for kids to just be kids and to concentrate on getting back to the business of having fun.

    These kids get to experience camp activities that include playing sports, arts and crafts, and a variety of fun-filled daily goings-on. It’s all about letting loose, and forgetting about the stress they’ve been under.

    ”Cabin Chats,” conducted daily by the UCSD student leaders, is a time for campers to connect with others like themselves. It’s a chance for them to share their personal experiences, their fears and their laughter with each other, knowing they are not alone. A great emotional release for these kids!

    Simply put, Camp Kesem creates a magical week for these kids to be free of worry and just enjoy. The confidence and improved self-esteem they walk away with after their week at camp is evident not only to their parents, but to themselves.

    Your vehicle donation allows Camp Kesem to continue providing this unique, awesome experience for this population of children that seem to get lost in the circumstance of their parent’s illness.

    Don’t put it off! Call Center For Car Donations TODAY at (877) 411.3662, or go online to and donate your unwanted vehicle. All you need is your vehicle’s title, VIN, and the desire to help these children and their families. Doesn’t that feel good? It’s so easy!

  • Ten Years of Car Donations

    As we celebrate our 10 year anniversary we send our best wishes for the New Year to our car donation charity partners.  Their tireless efforts, combined with generous car donations from people like you, have resulted in significant benefits for a host of charitable causes.


    There has never been a better time to donate your unwanted vehicle.  Budget cuts are severely impacting critical charitable organizations that help those in need.  And even though the economy is improving there are still so many being left behind. Children’s charities, senior organizations and our forgotten wounded warriors, just to name a few, are all suffering and need your help.


    You’ll benefit as well, because when you donate your vehicle through Center For Car Donations you’ll receive a tax receipt for the value of your car at auction. And it’s a really simple, no hassle kid

    Just call 877-411-DONATE and speak with our friendly staff or visit our website at  Select the charity you’d like to help from the long list of our charity partners that includes an impressive array of reputable charities that assist children, seniors, animals, veterans, women, the environment, public broadcasting and more.  Then schedule a time and place for a free pickup of your vehicle. We accept all vehicles running or not, as long as they qualify and are able to be towed. We’ll do all the paperwork and send you your tax receipt after the vehicle sgrandmaells. Best of all, your charity of choice will receive a check for the proceeds from your donation! It’s a win-win, and it’s that easy.


    Start the year off right by helping us make this the best year ever for those in need in our community. Please donate your unwanted vehicle today. Thank you for your support and all the best for the New Year!

    For a full list of non-profits we work with click here.

  • Are There Risks When Donating a Vehicle?

    Are there risks when donating a vehicle? For the most part, donating a car is a very easy and risk-free.  It should be a fairly simple process as long as you make sure you are donating a car through reputable companies.  Most car donation companies are required to register with the state as a professional fundraiser and are regulated by the Attorney General or Secretary of State.  It is helpful to inquire with the company you select as to just how much profit is going to the charities.  Some vehicle donation companies take 50% so you want to find a company that gives at least 75%-80% of the net proceeds to the nonprofit you select. This is the amount that Center for Car Donations provides to our nonprofits. Anything less than that and the charity may not see a big return.


    You will be required to have a free and clear title.  The title needs to be properly signed and given to the driver who picks up your vehicle; this is standard practice. In some states, like California, you are also required to send in a Release of Liability to inform the DMV that you are no longer the titled owner. Center for Car Donations can provide you with that form if you do not have one.  You can also find the form online.  Once the driver picks up your vehicle, you have no more liability.  If you, for some reason, do receive a ticket or registration notice after you have donated your car, be sure to call the car donation company to handle this on your behalf.  Because the IRS changed the tax laws in 2005, you will have to wait until your car sells before you receive your tax receipt.  Please be aware that you will be able to claim the value for which your vehicle sold at auction, NOT the Kelly Blue Book amount. If your vehicle sells for over $500 you will also be issued a 1098 B & C form, as required by the IRS. This form will have the actual sale price of your donated vehicle and the amount you can legally claim. If you have any questions about donating a car or the car donation process, call 877-411-3662 or visit

    release of liability example

  • Some Questions When Donating Your Vehicle

    Does my vehicle have to be running?

    No.  As long as it has 4 wheels, an engine, and a transmission, we will take it.


    My car is literally a piece of junk, is it worth donating?

    Any donation is better than none.  Although your car is not worth much to you, every dollar it brings in is a dollar that goes towards a great cause.


    Is Center for Car Donations a charity?

    We are not an actual charity, but we work for over 200 non-profits to take their car donations.  We take pride in our jobs and love that we can help so many non-profits earn money for their cause.


    Can I donate other items besides cars?

    We usually only process vehicle donations; however, we have taken scooters, motorcycles, ride-on lawn mowers, some trailers, some RVs, and some boats.  Larger tow items are taken on a case-by-case basis and a few extra are required in order for us to accept them.

    What are the stipulations for large vehicle donations besides cars?

    We treat big donations like RVs and boats a bit differently.  Because it requires a large tow fee, we need to assess the vehicle’s worth before we accept it.  If we feel like the donation will bring in less than the tow fee, we do not accept it.  As far as boats are concerned, you have to have a trailer and its title in order for us to accept donate the boat, as well.  One way you can ensure that we will accept your large donation, is by having you drop it off at the auction yourself.  Keep in mind, the charity is not where cars are taken.  Each car donation is sent to a different auction depending on its initial assessment of worth.

    Boat DonationRV Donation

    Is my car donation tax deductible?



    How much can I claim for my vehicle on my taxes?

    The car is sold as is, at auction.  You cannot claim Kelly Blue Book value, but you are able to claim the value of what the car sells for.  If it sells for less than $500 then you can claim up to $500; meaning the least you can claim is $500 for a donation.  If the car sells for over $500, you can claim the full amount of what the vehicle is sold for.  When the car sells for over $500 you get a specific letter that will tell you how much it sold for and it will inform you on how to receive a 1098 for tax purposes.


    When do I get my tax receipt?

    We cannot send you a tax receipt until the car has been sold and the payment has been processed.  It usually takes 4-6 weeks after the vehicle is picked up to receive your receipt.  If your car sells for more than $500, we will be asking for more information in the letter so we can issue you a 1098.  We send out 1098s at the end of December.  If you do not receive yours by the middle of January, please contact us.

    Please visit our F.A.Q. Page to find answers to more commonly asked questions.  You can also simply call Center for Car Donations at 1-877-411-3662.

  • What the President of Center for Car Donations Has Learned in 10 Years

    In ten years and twenty-five thousand car donations, here is what I have learned:


    People are even more generous than I could ever have imagined. I am in awe of the generosity I get be a part of.  The many stories I have heard throughout the years have truly touched me.


    People give their cars for many reasons, but no matter the reason, they need to feel appreciated.  It takes a special person to consider donating, to begin with.


    Most donors are very nice and are happy to help. Some donors just want to get rid of junk.


    Tow truck drivers do their best but cannot always be relied upon, so it is important that we continue to get feedback from donors, which is why we offer a Starbucks card to them if they provide us with feedback.  Giving incentives will boost your response.

    Some people name their cars and are very attached to them. Remember this when taking the donation.  This could be an extremely difficult process for some.  Try to always be patient.

    Love your car


    If a donor is unhappy, we need to do whatever it takes to fix the situation. Then send them a Gift Card for their patience.  Let them know you care about them, and are here to help.


    Every bid at the auction needs to be watched so they don’t fall through the crack.  It is very easy to lose donors if you are not aware of each donation and where it is at in the donation process.


    You never know what a car will bring. Sometimes even an old “hunk-of-junk” can bring in thousands of dollars and a beautiful car may not.


    Just because a donor says their car is a gem, doesn’t mean it is.  We always err on the side of caution.


    Volvo’s don’t sell for anywhere near their values.


    Most Volvo drivers take great care of their cars.


    People who work for non-profits are the coolest and nicest people in the world!


    There is nothing I would have rather been doing these past 10 years than raising funds for such fantastic charities.

    –Jacquie Elliot
    President of Center for Car Donations


    Click here for a look at all of the non-profits Center for Car Donations work with.


  • What Happens to my Car After it is Donated?

    What happens to your Car after it is donated?  This is surely a question we are asked often.  In most cases, the car donation is sent to an auction company where car dealers bid on it. We watch the bids carefully to make sure our car donations are receiving the highest possible bid they can from buyers at the auction.

    Tax Receipt

    Once the car donation is sold, the car dealer who purchased it takes possession of it, and the auction company sends Center for Car Donations the proceeds check. Center for Car Donations then sends the donor a thank you letter and tax receipt (form 1098 B&C). At the same time, we send a proceeds check to the non-profit the car donor selected.

    Dealer Auto Auction

    In some cases, however, if the vehicle is in very poor condition, we may sell the car directly to a scrap dealer so that we can keep our costs down and maximize the return.  Because Center for Car Donations is a licensed car dealer, we may also choose to sell the vehicle to the public.  However, this is more the exception than the rule. In any case, we work very hard to make sure we get the most we can for the car donation.

    Public Broadcasting

    Center for Car Donations has a variety of wonderful non-profits to choose from, including organizations that help kids, animals, veterans, public broadcasting, battered women, the environment, seniors, cancer patients, education, and hundreds of more non-profits that all provide a great service to their community. These non-profits count on car donations to help augment their own fundraising. For a complete list of non-profits, please visit If you have been thinking about donating your vehicle, please go to to read more about our program. Every donation makes a difference in someone’s life. You can also donate online or call 877-411-3662.

    kid and dog


  • Happy New Year From Center For Car Donations

    We at Center for Car Donations, want to wish a Happy New Year to all, and especially to our donors and nonprofits.   Hearing good news about people is important, particularly with the recent terrorist attacks and school shootings that have occurred over the last few years. This is why we wanted to thank the over 3300 people who made car donations last year to the over 250 nonprofits we represent.  It is true that there are bad people in the world, but for the most part, people are good at heart and want to make a difference to others.

    Giving back to nonprofits by car donation is a good example of how people help other people, no matter race or religion; our car donors are doing something to better the world.  In return, they get a tax receipt for their car donation and they get the good feeling of knowing that they are doing something meaningful.

    This year we saw an increase in the amount of car donations and in the types of used cars people donated.  We received a food truck equipped with pizza ovens. We also received a newer Ford Mustang with low miles. We acquired many classic cars, including a Chevy Bel Air.  We also accepted several wonderful well-equipped motor homes, motorcycles, boats and even a few riding lawn mowers.

    It was a terrific year of people choosing to give back by making car donations.  So, while we watch the news and witness horrible and senseless violence, it is important to remember that most people do care for their fellow man and their community;  most people are caring and generous. If you would like to learn more about a car donation to one of our two hundred and fifty nonprofits nationwide, visit us online at or call us at 877-411-3662. Ghandhi once said “Be the change that you would like to see in the world.” Let’s help make the world a better place through car donations.


    Be the change you wish to see in this world.

  • How Do I Donate My Car?

    OK, so you’re ready to donate your car, but you just don’t know all that’s involved. Center For Car Donations has all the answers for you!

    What if my car isn’t in working condition? In most cases, that’s not a problem. It definitely needs an engine. And it has to be tow-able. The snag would be if it’s going to cost more to tow than what it will bring at auction, there may be no point.

    What kind of tax deduction can I expect for my donation? If your vehicle sells for more than $500, you are allowed to deduct the amount it sold for. In that case, you will receive Form 1098 C (Copy B, a Social Security Number will be required to obtain this form) after 30 days from the sale.

    But, if your car sells for less than $500, there won’t be any IRS forms provided since you are not obligated to file any. Best to speak with your CPA or tax adviser. They will know best what your benefit(s) will be. Or, visit the IRS website at

    How quickly does someone pick up my car? Center For Car Donations wants to make this process easy and trouble-free for you. The vehicle pick-up time is always at your convenience. All the necessary information is obtained during the initial phone call and forwarded to our towing company. Within 24 hours of receiving your information, they’ll give you a call to set up an appointment.

    What kind of paperwork can I expect to get during the process? At time of pickup, the towing company will provide you with a tow receipt. Then, within 4-6 weeks after pickup, you’ll receive an acknowledgement. But, if there’re title and/or paperwork issues concerning the vehicle, it may take a little longer. Once your vehicle sells, and if it’s over $500, that’s when you’ll receive the IRS Form 1098 C (Copy B, a Social Security Number will be required to get this form).

    So you see? The process is so simple! Call Center For Car Donations at (877) 411.3662, or go to our website at, and we will guide you through the process. It’s a WIN-WIN for you and those you help!

  • Time To “Spring” Into Action By Donating Your Car!!

    Spring is in the air, and what better way to welcome in the new season than to donate your car to those who could use a little sunshine in their life?

    There are so many wonderful charity organizations to choose from, where do you begin? Well, depends upon who you’re most interested in helping.

    There are children who may be living in an abusive family situation. Or children whose families have fallen on hard times and can’t provide shelter, enough to eat or enough clothing.

    Or, maybe you’re leaning toward helping out the senior citizens who were once vibrant and self-sufficient, but no longer able to care for themselves. They rely heavily on the generosity of others.

    There’s the LGBTQ, a group of individuals who have been slighted for way too long. It’s time their voice was heard and their needs of equality met. They have made great strides toward that goal, but still have a way to go.

    The list is lengthy, and you can find it in its entirety on Center For Car Donations’ website at

    Whichever non-profit charity strikes a chord with you, whether they’re listed on the website or one you are already connected with, the benefit of your vehicle donation does not go unnoticed.

    As good as the economy is becoming, there are still so many people in need and just can’t do it without your help. You receive a tax break, and they receive a life break. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

    Where to start? Call Center For Car Donations at (877) 411.3662 and speak with our friendly staff, or find us online at Either way, we are happy to walk you through the simple process of donating your car. It’s just 3 simple steps, and the reward of your generosity is heart-warming!

  • Remember When They Cared For Us? Donate Your Car, And Care For Them…

    So, what are you going to do with that old car sitting in front of your house? It doesn’t run well, it’s a gas-guzzler, and neighbors are starting to complain. Sounds like the perfect time to donate your vehicle!

    There are so many wonderful charities out there just waiting for your car donation to help them keep doing what they do… help others! LASHA is one in particular that takes care of the aging population that once took care of us. What a great way to give back and pay it forward!

    Located in Calabasas, California, LASHA focuses on providing a loving environment for an ever-growing population of seniors who find themselves short on funds and/or the ability to care for themselves.

    Oftentimes, this proud group of people are not willing to give up their sense of independence. They want to continue to live by themselves in their own home. LASHA’s Liaison program allows these seniors to maintain their dignity by bringing the outside help they need inside to them.

    Or, sometimes simply a social visit by the Liaison is just what the doctor ordered, giving these individuals the person-to-person interaction so necessary to feeling cared about and part of the community.

    LASHA knows the importance of quality care and concern for all people, but especially those who were once so vibrant and productive in life.

    And, with young families putting all their efforts in the day-to-day business of raising children, going to work, and managing a household, our elderly don’t always get the attention they need.

    That’s where LASHA’s programs step in and fills the gap, offering companionship and support in a loving and meaningful way.

    And you can assure LASHA is able to continue doing this by your donation, making their efforts sustainable.

    Where do you begin? Call Center For Car Donations at (877) 411.3662 and speak with our friendly staff, or find us online at Either way, we are happy to walk you through the easy process of donating your car. It’s just 3 simple steps, and you will be so glad you did!